What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have to choose to clean the floor and other surfaces?

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that it meets your desires even from a technical standpoint. Owners of large apartments and private homes are better off immediately from standard models with disposable bags, otherwise you can not avoid the high cost of consumables. A cyclonic cleaner is a bit better to clean a large area, however, if you use the device too often, the internal filter will have to change about every six months. The preferred option in this case is a vacuum cleaner with a water filter – it can remove large areas without sacrificing suction, even with contaminated water in the inner container.

Interestingly, the first household vacuum cleaner appeared in the US in 1905. Manufacturers advertised their goods not only as a device for dust and dust, but also as a means of drying their hair.

Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners offer a variety of models for cleaning small apartments. Most commonly used for this purpose is the use of equipment for drying, less-than-combined models. The fact is that the vacuum cleaner is larger than normal, and in the limited space conditions the size of the home appliance becomes an important criterion of choice.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers. Minimum dust content in the air is indicated by machine with sack and dishwasher disposable – if given priority, dust contact will be minimized.

Overlays play an important role in the selection of vacuum cleaners. Laminates are very sensitive to moisture, so do not clean the floor with a tissue or towel. Large amounts of liquid can cause the surface to swell and it will be damaged. Vacuum cleaners with low water consumption and drying function can be a real salvation for a laminate sheet because the level of humidity due to sanitation will be minimal and will not affect the appearance of the coating.

Wood flooring is structured near a multilayered coating that is not subject to excessive moisture, but is also susceptible to mechanical stress, which can be easily damaged or scratched. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner for a wood floor should have a nozzle suitable for coating with soft material: a heap, felt, wool or special fabric.

For wet tiles, wet cleaning is very important. Using a vacuum cleaner for such a coating has its downside – mixing it with dust, water can cause the darkening of the bridges between the bricks. Therefore, for ceramics, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner with high suction power or a vapor scanner, in this case only a small amount of moisture on the floor.

The mats need both dry and wet cleaning, so the ideal choice would be a combined vacuum cleaner model. Non-water cleaning can be more effective if the suction hose is equipped with a turbo or electric brush. It allows you to clean carpets not only from dust, but also from complex trash, such as hair or pet hair. To clean the surface of the hairs, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner with a water filter.

Equipment intended for cleaning is usually equipped with a special nozzle for cleaning of upholstery. With their help, you can remove stains and dirt from sofas, cushions, armchairs and pillows. In the case of vacuum cleaners, it is important to choose the right cleaning solution – the “aggressive” type can adversely affect the brightness of the fabric.

Some vacuum cleaner manufacturers supplement their products with a special nozzle to clean the window. Thus, if you want to wash your glasses, avoid stains and stains, you should look for a vacuum cleaner with such a device.

Vacuum cleaners with automatic or with the ability to reload from the “cigarette lighter” appropriate to clean the car interior. The first type has less power, designed to remove dust particles and clean quickly, because the operating time on a battery is about 20 minutes. Except for the second type they consume the energy of the car, in addition, as an apparatus should be chosen with the longest cord.

Clean rooms can be really easy and fast if you choose the right method and medium. Vacuum cleaners will not do all the work for you, but it can significantly reduce the amount of effort and time spent on building clean – just pick a model based on the characteristics of the home.

What type of vacuum cleaner can be purchased for dry and wet cleaning?

Vacuum Cleaner is one of the leaders in sales among representatives of small household appliances in Russia. Unified production facilities abroad, accounting for about 60% of the market. One of the companies that supply high quality products to the Russian market is Philips. This brand offers buyers a unique combination of functional and thoughtful design. For example, the AquaTrio FC7088 vacuum cleaner allows wet and dry cleaning at the same time – you do not need to change the nozzle and push the button, the cleanliness of the floor today depends on the type of pollution. It should be noted that the Philips FC9912 does not fan – it dries any floor covering, a convenient storage compartment for dust, and a unique nozzle that allows for large and unwieldy garbage collection. Of course, the Philips FC6168 cordless vacuum cleaner with a powerful lithium-ion battery, provides long lasting work without recharging, and electric brushes to collect animal wool and other small debris. However, these vacuum cleaners are just a small part of home appliances to clean the home that the well-known Philips branded offers.

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When is a hand-held vacuum cleaner useful?

Most current hand-held vacuum cleaners have a built-in rechargeable battery, so they do not rely on a connection to the socket. Also for the reason, the small suckers are usually significantly weaker than conventional vacuum cleaners(swiffer wet jet hardwood). A hand-held vacuum cleaner can therefore only be an option in addition to the normal vacuum cleaner, but the handy devices are often very helpful in practice. Dust fluff on the floor, crumbs on the dining table, cat litter or also hair in the bathroom – in such small but clearly visible problems is a battery suction device almost in its element. In the ideal case, such a device is always ready for use and always accessible. But not only the charging time and the possible operating time are decisive here. At least as important are the suction force and the emptying of the dust container. If you are looking for a suitable device, read ourHand vacuum cleaner test according to which model is the best for you.

The test procedure

All devices were thoroughly tested and then evaluated in 5 categories with a score between 1 and 100. Finally, the overall evaluation is calculated from the individual evaluations. Here we would like to briefly present the different categories of values ​​and explain how the scores are obtained.
Suction: For many, it is probably the most important point, because it ultimately tells you how powerful a device sucks and how much dirt particles are absorbed on different substrates. Sand, flour, rice, hair, fabric fibers and some other impurities are sucked on hard floors and carpet floors of different depths. The more a device absorbs, the higher the score is.
Equipment:The rating in the area is determined primarily by the offered scope of a vacuum cleaner. Are all important attachments included, and perhaps even one or the other special feature, such as replacement filters or vacuum cleaner bags? But also features like an electronically controllable suction power or a good HEPA filter provide for pluses.
Processing: Here, on the one hand, the quality of the materials used is graded, on the other hand the overall processing quality of a device. High-quality plug-in nozzles and a heavy floor nozzle also ensure a high rating.

Handling:Easy-to-run pulleys, a reliable cable feed or the action radius are reflected in this evaluation. In addition, this also includes the amount of maintenance and the need for maintenance work such as changing the filter and bag.
Price / performance: For the valuation we place the offered performance, ie all other value categories, in relation to the price of the respective vacuum cleaner. The lower the price, the better cuts here, even an otherwise average device.
Overall valuation : ()For the overall valuation the arithmetic mean is formed from all five individual evaluations. This does not only tell you about the general quality of a vacuum cleaner, but also about the performance in relation to the price you are calling.

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