When is a hand-held vacuum cleaner useful?

Most current hand-held vacuum cleaners have a built-in rechargeable battery, so they do not rely on a connection to the socket. Also for the reason, the small suckers are usually significantly weaker than conventional vacuum cleaners(swiffer wet jet hardwood). A hand-held vacuum cleaner can therefore only be an option in addition to the normal vacuum cleaner, but the handy devices are often very helpful in practice. Dust fluff on the floor, crumbs on the dining table, cat litter or also hair in the bathroom – in such small but clearly visible problems is a battery suction device almost in its element. In the ideal case, such a device is always ready for use and always accessible. But not only the charging time and the possible operating time are decisive here. At least as important are the suction force and the emptying of the dust container. If you are looking for a suitable device, read ourHand vacuum cleaner test according to which model is the best for you.

The test procedure

All devices were thoroughly tested and then evaluated in 5 categories with a score between 1 and 100. Finally, the overall evaluation is calculated from the individual evaluations. Here we would like to briefly present the different categories of values ​​and explain how the scores are obtained.
Suction: For many, it is probably the most important point, because it ultimately tells you how powerful a device sucks and how much dirt particles are absorbed on different substrates. Sand, flour, rice, hair, fabric fibers and some other impurities are sucked on hard floors and carpet floors of different depths. The more a device absorbs, the higher the score is.
Equipment:The rating in the area is determined primarily by the offered scope of a vacuum cleaner. Are all important attachments included, and perhaps even one or the other special feature, such as replacement filters or vacuum cleaner bags? But also features like an electronically controllable suction power or a good HEPA filter provide for pluses.
Processing: Here, on the one hand, the quality of the materials used is graded, on the other hand the overall processing quality of a device. High-quality plug-in nozzles and a heavy floor nozzle also ensure a high rating.

Handling:Easy-to-run pulleys, a reliable cable feed or the action radius are reflected in this evaluation. In addition, this also includes the amount of maintenance and the need for maintenance work such as changing the filter and bag.
Price / performance: For the valuation we place the offered performance, ie all other value categories, in relation to the price of the respective vacuum cleaner. The lower the price, the better cuts here, even an otherwise average device.
Overall valuation : (best vacuum for wood floors)For the overall valuation the arithmetic mean is formed from all five individual evaluations. This does not only tell you about the general quality of a vacuum cleaner, but also about the performance in relation to the price you are calling.

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The essential points to consider on a vacuum cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner can be an expensive investment. So it is important to know the criteria to remember about a vacuum cleaner without bag. In addition, as you use it, you will have to follow some tips for your bagless vacuum cleaner , such as optimizing suction or treating unpleasant odors.

The air flow rate

The air flow rate is the amount of air sucked in by the appliance per second. This indicator, expressed in liters per second (L / s) hardwood floor vacuum or cubic decimeter per second (dcm 3 / s). It tells you about the suction capacity of the air with dust to the tank.

The greater the airflow of the vacuum cleaner, the more efficient the appliance is and thus limits the number of passages to clean a surface. The average airflow for a vacuum cleaner with bag is 38 dcm 3 / s and 30 dcm 3 / s for a bagless .

The Depression

It is expressed most often in Pascal kilos (kPa). It is the measure of the force exerted to lift and aspirate dust from the soil to the tank.

The higher the vacuum, the more your vacuum cleaner will be able to lift and aspirate large particles. Currently, the average vacuum value of vacuum cleaners with bag is about 30 to 40 kPa. As for vacuum cleaners without bags, the vacuum is about 25 to 30 kPa.

The useful power

This is the result of a combination of the two indicators mentioned above, the air flow and the vacuum. The balance between these two elements guarantees the efficiency of the device. In most cases, this information is not available in stores. So do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer to get them.

The brush

It is only an accessory of the vacuum cleaner, however it is the most important accessories because it is the brush that will determine the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner on hard or soft surface. It is therefore important to learn about the brush to see if the vacuum cleaner is more suited to hard,bona hardwood floor mop soft floors or if it is made for both types.

The range of action

It is the addition of the length of the electrical cable, the hose and the device itself. And the greater the range of action, the less you will have to unplug the vacuum cleaner in search of the nearest free intake.

The weight

Manufacturers are making more and more efforts to ensure that the vacuum cleaner can be drawn with as little stress as possible. Indeed, the heavier it will be, the more painful it will be. Especially since you will sometimes be led to lift it.

The sound level

A vacuum cleaner in operation emits more or less noise. The latter is expressed in decibels (dB). This criterion is not necessarily negligible especially since it is recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner whose noise nuisance is as low as possible.

In addition, it should be noted that the noise doubles every 3 dB. In other words, a vacuum cleaner at 78 dB makes twice as much noise as at 75 dB and 4 times more than one at 72 dB. Between the quietest (around 65 dB) and those near an aircraft reactor (more than 80 dB), it therefore has nearly 40 times more noise. Vacuum cleaners without bag are more noisy, unlike models with bag. The bag acts as a sound insulator. swiffer wet jet batteries

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With vacuum cleaner bag or better beutellos?

The question is not easy and general to answer, because both variants offer advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner, devices with bags are the better choice. Especially in the lower price regions these deliver much better results than Beutellose. Also allergy sufferers generally should go to conventional vacuum cleaners with bags, since emptying is simply much more hygienic. The full bag is removed and disposed of without dust particles returning to the room air. With most modern devices, the bag can even be closed before removal. In the case of baguettes, it must be rotated, shaken and shaken, which usually leads to a small dust cloud. This should, of course, only be done in the fresh air. The conventional devices also have the advantage that they are somewhat quieter and the engine power can usually be regulated.

Vacuum cleaners are therefore relatively expensive to purchase and are not completely suitable for allergy sufferers, but they offer a number of other advantages. Due to the more compact design, they are generally lighter and thus more handy than conventional vacuum cleaners with bags. In addition, with the good models the suction force hardly decreases, even if the dust container slowly fills itself. And finally, no bags need to be bought, which not only protects the money bag, but also the environment. Especially when one sucks often and large surfaces, a beutelloser sucker can really profit. To the cheapest device should be experienced here but not better. Continue reading

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The different types of vacuum cleaners without bag

Democratization of the invention of the vacuum cleaner without bag is due to the British engineer and inventor Sir James Dyson. Among other things, it has enabled several households to benefit from high-quality products with prices that are accessible to all.

Since then, several models of bagless hardwood floor vacuum have appeared, under the Dyson brand, but also under other manufacturers. There are different types tailored to your needs. You just have to choose from the bagless vacuum cleaners that are currently available in the market.

Vacuum cleaner without cyclonic bag

The single-cyclonic technology

The mono-cyclonic technology uses centrifugal force to separate dust from the air. Thanks to their mass, they will stick on the walls and then fall back into a tank.

As for the fine particles not recovered by the cyclonic action, they are directly retained by a filter. the latter can be of several shapes, depending on the model of the bagless vacuum cleaner. Continue reading

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Vacuum Cleaner With Cable – Lots of Power and Durability

If you really want a lot of power, you need a vacuum cleaner with power connection. Almost all floor vacuum cleaners therefore have a cable with 220V-Schukostecker. What a very good sucking result is almost indispensable is, however, a clear disadvantage in terms of handiness: Unlike battery suction devices, models with power cables are limited in their action radius. In your vacuum cleaner comparison it is therefore important, among other things, whether the cable length is too tight – 8 meters should be for average households already, so you do not have to change the socket again and again. best vacuum for hardwood floors

Vacuum cleaner design Info & Description
table suction Table-top vacuum cleaners are just another name for hand-held vacuum cleaners. They are suitable for small, often insulated surfaces such as tables, furniture or car seats.
Wet Vacuum Cleaners Wet or water cleaners operate similarly to steam cleaners. Instead of filtering the sucked dirty through a fleece, a water bath here binds both dirt and dust. The waste water is simply disposed of.

·         Due to the water filtration one can dispense with pouches. The filter is also very suitable for allergy sufferers: even the finest dust particles are filtered from the air

·         Disadvantage: The vacuum cleaner must dry out completely after sucking. Otherwise mold and bacteria may form inside.

Kesselsauger Kettleaugers are also called Allessauger. With them, both ordinary dust and dirt, but also liquids can be absorbed. They are usually equipped with filter cartridges for wet dirt and at the same time with dust bags for dry dirt. This allows you to quickly change from wet to dry. The suction volume is much larger than with all other private vacuum cleaners: it is usually between 10 and 30 liters.
backpack vacuum cleaner If you need to get to a variety of places or climb stairs and steps very frequently, a backpack vacuum cleaner is an interesting option. While there is not much choice, the principle has great advantages. The sucker is worn on the back, so the suction hose starts at arm height. This makes it easier to reach walls, ceilings or rear struts.
leaf Blower Vacuum cleaners are primarily designed for gardening. They are worn with a carrying strap or strap sideways on the body or on the back. Often, they draw their energy from a combustion engine instead of the power grid.
central vacuum Centrifugal vacuum cleaners operate via a suction unit, which is usually located in the basement of a house. It is connected to a pipe system that runs through the whole house. In various rooms are connections in the wall, to which you only have to attach a suction tube. With this you can suck as usual – but the air is not sucked into a mobile device, but transported into the suction system. There is a cleaning and the exhaust air flows out into the open. For allergy sufferers a very great relief.

Continue reading

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